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2016 Week 2–3 Victories

Hi Everyone!

Many of you have written in about your wonderful FUNraisers, ONE Events, and First 100 winners. We’re off to an exciting start and I’m SO proud of you! Included in this email are some amazing victories from the last two weeks, so keep reading till the end — and keep those victories coming!

Would You Like a Personalized Video from Winn?

Several schools have asked me to send personalized videos to their Future Professionals and team members. I’m honored and happy to do that for all of you! If you’d like me to send a personalized video directly to your school, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make the request.

First 100 Contest: Only 48 Spots Left!

Drum roll, please … as of today, we have 52 confirmed winners in the First 100 contest! Wow! 52 winners x $3,000 means we’ve already raised $156,000 from this contest alone! Remember, the First 100 winners will attend the FUNraising Gala PLUS a day of hands-on education with Ruth Roche, Tim Storey, and Takashi Kitamura. Will I see YOU at the Gala?

ONE Events
I love hearing about your successful ONE events (ONE Hour, $1,000):

  • Paul Mitchell The School Green Bay: $15,363
  • Rudy and Kelly Academy, A Paul Mitchell Partner School: $7,000
  • Paul Mitchell The School Lombard: $1,805
  • Paul Mitchell The School Wichita: $1,700

 Our Artists and Educators Are Incredible!

  • Advanced Academy Color Team member Phil Wood has raised $14,389 so far, with 6 more FUNraising classes on his schedule. Phil’s drive to give back comes from his personal story. After a high school counselor “outed” Phil in 10th grade, his parents gave him an ultimatum: become straight or find a new place to live. Sleeping at the bus stop while working to graduate, Phil struggled with suicide in his teens. An attempt at taking his life resulted in the complete loss of feeling in his left hand and movement in his thumb. “Cosmetology has been the best therapy to help build dexterity in my left hand,” Phil says. “But the thing that changed my life forever is being part of this company with its forward-focused atmosphere and ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’ mentality. Our FUNraising reaches so many people, from our own backyard to across the globe. The greatest reward is my ability to return the favor. This is how I pay the rent for being on this earth.”
  • Advanced Academy team member Aubrey Harley has raised $10,000 with his iTexture Training classes – and he still has more to come!
  • Stanley Nolan, a team member at Paul Mitchell The School Las Vegas, raised $3,000 with her Behind the Lens class, earning a spot in the First 100 contest.
  • For the third year in a row, Kaytlin Friia, a Learning Leader at The Temple (Frederick) and a National Educator, raised $3,000 by planning, marketing, and holding her own classes.
  • Paul Mitchell The School Louisville raised $600 with Sam Burns and his “How to be a $100K Stylist" class. With help from their CosmoProf distributor, they promoted the class to local salons, Future Professionals, and attendees at a Paul Mitchell Liquid Motion class held at their school. The result: a great balance of students and professionals in Sam’s successful class.
  • Paul Mitchell The School Fresno raised $3,500 with educator Nikki Ramos’s color class and another $3,000 from John Mosley’s men’s cutting class (scheduled for April).

Weeks 2 & 3 Victories

  • Paul Mitchell The School Fresno is off to a great start. Their bake sales, Valentine grams, pizza parties, and nacho parties raised more than $2,000. Alexis Ellis raised $3,000 to qualify for the First 100. Adding in their classes with Nikki Ramos and John Mosley’s, their total is over $15,000.
  • Prior to their kickoff, FUNraising Leader Denise Barbosa at Paul Mitchell The School Miami got everyone educated about the charities. During their weekly January Pow Wows, she introduced the organizations, then everyone helped to create beautiful displays about the charities. See more photos in our Paul Mitchell Schools Facebook album at
  • The Utah Corporate Office raised another $66 with their Baked Potato Day. Our corporate office teams are on a roll!
  • At Paul Mitchell The School Tysons Corner, their wonderful and much-loved team member Aggie has been the cleaning person for many years, and her daughter Andrea works at the service desk. Last week, Aggie and Andrea raised $365 with their homemade Mexican sandwiches. Aggie was so excited and had such a sense of pride and belonging …. she plans to do it again!
  • Paul Mitchell The School Cincinnati raised almost $500 with their Princess party. Check out their cool castle!
  • Paul Mitchell The School Phoenix already exceeded their 2016 goal! They’ve raised $18,000 to date and still have several events to go. Now they’re setting their sights on being one of the Top 20 FUNraising schools!
  • Paul Mitchell The School Denver is raising money for Feed My Lambs, a local charity that helps children in Haiti. Check out the beautiful “thank you” song sent by the children:
  • Keep sending in your fabulous FUNraising thermometers! Here’s one from Rudy and Kelly Academy, A Paul Mitchell Partner School!

Tip of the Week: Donation Card Contest
Hopefully, you’ve printed lots of donation cards by now! Don’t underestimate the power of this one little card. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals raise $60 million a year with this simple campaign, and our Paul Mitchell Schools raised $80,000 in 2010 for Haiti relief – in just two weeks! Make sure you tell every guest: “If you’d like to donate a dollar or more today, we’ll write your name on a card and post it on our wall!”
Here’s a fun tip about donation cards … Some schools hold a friendly competition among the front desk team. Whenever someone donates, team members write their initials on the back of the card. The person who raises the most money from donation cards wins a prize!
Donation cards and other FUNraising materials are available on the Hub, FUNraising tab, under FUNraising files. They’re also on

Fireburners, FUNraising Videos, and Photo Albums
Fireburners are a great way to keep the energy and momentum high throughout the FUNraising campaign. Upcoming fireburners will be available a day or two before their scheduled “show” dates. If you haven’t shown Fireburner #1 yet, it’s not too late! You’ll find it on Vimeo and YouTube:

More videos and photo album:

  • 2016 FUNraising fireburners and videos are on the Paul Mitchell Schools YouTube channel, 2016 FUNraising Campaign playlist:
  • 2016 FUNraising photo album is on the Paul Mitchell Schools Facebook page:

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Send In Your Victories
Each week, we’ll share more great victories and FUNraising tips with the entire Paul Mitchell School network. Please send your updates, ideas, and video requests to Liz VanScoy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
XOXO, Winn Claybaugh
Dean, Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell Schools